Eric was born in Redlands, raised by his working class mother and spent his adolescent years between Redlands and Loma Linda before attending college in Portland, Oregon and then graduate school in Montreal, Quebec. He later returned to Redlands with a fresh perspective and love for his hometown. He saw that Redlands shared characteristics with some of the world-class cities he had visited in terms of quality of life, but there were also opportunities for this town to become something more he thought. During his time away, Redlands had begun to undergo a type of renewel downtown. For many, especially commercial property owners, there could be nothing better to have happened to Redlands. At the same time, Eric arrived in town to find other more forgotten parts of the city, old strip malls, lifeless warehouses, dying orange groves, all a sad reminder that commercial progress and development projects had often been poorly integrated into the fabric of historic Redlands. District 1 in particular has been particularly vulnerable to this type of expansion and destruction of Redlands.

Eric lives like many Redlanders do in District 1. He is a renter and commutes to work out of town working as a video editor and then works weekends as a freelance video producer trying to make ends meet. He understands the struggles that the working class faces and as such he wants to work for them, promoting a more equitable society where we look out for one another. 

We need to develop action plans together that directly improve the lives of our townspeople. Together we can do that.